Formalin-fixed tissue and paraffin blocks can be sent by regular mail. At request we are happy to organize the logistic for native, fresh frozen and fixed tissue in special cases.
For this purpose we can provide a special shipping box. (Tel. Lab: +49 69 6301-85446 or R. Lieberz +49 151-17191134)

We have a long standing expertise not only in lymph node morphology but also in special and advanced molecular techniques: In addition to the basic morphological assessment of the lymph node we offer a large panel of immunohistochemical stainings, in situ-hybridization (MYC, BCL2, BCL6), clonality assays as well as screening for mutations (MYD88, RHOA, JAK2, BRAF). 

Fixed and native material can be send to:

Reference- and Consultation Center
of Lymph Node and Lymphoma Pathology
Prof. Dr. M.-L. Hansmann
University Hospital Frankfurt
House 6
Theodor-Stern-Kai 7
D-60590 Frankfurt

Research Lab: +49 69 6301 85446
Lab Coordinator R. Lieberz: +49 151-17 19 11 34
Secretary: +49 69 6301 5364